Jerry Rothwell

The Director

Jerry is a documentary filmmaker whose work includes the award winning feature docs:


• Heavy Load (IFC/ITVS/BBC), about a group of people with learning disabilities who form a punk band

• Deep Water (Pathe/FilmFour/UK Film Council, co-directed with Louise Osmond), about Donald Crowhurst’s ill-fated voyage in the 1968 round the world yacht race


His past credits include The Late George Shaw, for Channel 4’s Art Show series, the Modern Painters series of short films for Channel 4 and programmes for BBC, Carlton, Channel 4, Teachers TV and the Arts Council.


Another strand of Jerry's work has been participatory production, working with people to tell their own stories on film. He played in lead role in developing Hi8us Projects improvised dramas with young people for Channel 4, in establishing First Light, the UK Film Council's scheme for young filmmakers, and in setting up digital storytelling exchanges between marginalised communities across Europe.  Current projects include Town of Runners, about young athletes in Ethiopia (Ch4 Britdoc Fund), and How To Change the World about the founders of Greenpeace (UK Film Council).


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