Roxanne Shaffer: Born 1988, San Diego, California
I grew up as the youngest child in a family composed of a single mother and 3 children, all half-siblings. After high school, I moved to Northern California for three years to attend the University of California, Davis, where I graduated this June with a double major in history and psychology and a minor in Spanish. It was just after my second year in Davis that I discovered and met Jeffrey. I had never felt that my family was incomplete, but meeting Jeffrey has answered questions that I had had since childhood. And getting to know some of my new half-siblings has been an amazing and truly indescribable experience. Without a doubt, I plan on continuing my relationship with them and with Jeffrey.

At the moment, my passion for traveling has led me to Seville, Spain, where I currently live and teach English.  I have plans to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with my family in the near future and after my year in Spain, I am hoping to go to South America and Asia before eventually starting a PhD in developmental psychology.


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