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TOPIC: She has been
She has been 2 Months ago  
She has been wandering for 14 years in a foreign country. What kind of legendary life has she written? It is an unspeakable happiness to hold the three-hair book across time and space and feel the pure soul and sincere feelings between her lines Marlboro Red 100 Carton. If you have a confidant, this life will not live. Fortunately, San Mao is a confidant - Jiang Shimu. They have a common hobby, reading, raising flowers, and loving strange things; they care for each other and care for each other; their souls are connected, and it is all night, and it coincides with one. In the vast sea of ??people, two similar people cherish each other, pity, and blind date. However, the cancer has ruthlessly visited Jiang Shimu, and Sanmao waited for the day and night, and Jiang Shimu was still smashing. Probably the sensory presence between the closest people, the death of Jiang Shimu made San Mao also walked in front of the ghost gate Cigarette Wholesale Prices. After all, it is still not the old man, and it��s hard to see you again. It��s only goodbye and goodbye. We will meet many people in our lifetime, but we can really be similar to ourselves, and we will have a few people who have spent the rest of our lives together. The fate is like a lottery ticket. If you can't ask for it, we can't predict who will meet the next second and who will lose it. The only thing we can do is to meet with gratitude and cherish companionship. When I first read "Goodbye for the Afterlife", I was in tears, and my mood could not be calmed for a long time. I remembered the person who knew me, knew me, and cared for me. Although she was born and I was not born, I was born to be old, but the annual rings did not stop us from communicating. She is the grandmother who greeted me with both hands when I was born. I don't remember how she threw me into the sky when I was very young, how to hold me in my arms, how to make me laugh. I only remember her suitcase. Her suitcase is always full of things, walnuts, chestnuts, and Liupi sugar. She loves to eat. I also love to eat, but in the age of material poverty, she just looked at me. I only remember that I was full of interest in the stars from the sky to the dust on the ground. When others felt that I had a lot of words, only she understood my curiosity and accompanied me to explore them. I only remember when I was young, I like to make clothes with leaves, vines woven shoes, like to chase bees and butterflies, others are too naughty, only she said that I am different, accompanying me to plant flowers and plants. No matter what happened to me, I can tell my grandmother, because she understands my mind. At that time, we also talked all night long, but she was still called away by death Marlboro Lights Online. She walked very suddenly. Originally, the doctor said that she could be discharged Cigarettes 100'S. Originally, we said that when I finished the college entrance examination, I went to the mountains to search for bluegrass Newport Menthol Shorts. Can cough, she left, when she left, I vomited, my heart was unbearable, I think that moment, her heart must be me. For a moment of life and death, she has lived in it since then, and it is not helpful for me to cry outside and faint. There is only a goodbye to express my expectations. Sometimes, we always think that time is still long. I always say that next time, I always say that I am busy with this matter. I always find someone to look at it. But the next time we sometimes became empty, when we lost, we found that many things were not done together, and many promises were not realized. At that time, you can't do anything like remorse. Now, let's spend more time with your family, spend more time talking to your friends, spend more time focusing on your health, and do your best to cherish everything. Our life is so short, people who can go to see us today don't drag on to tomorrow. If you can say something at this moment, don't wait until the next moment. Don't stay in the future. Because the best time is now, no one knows how long it will be.
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