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On Saturday morning
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TOPIC: On Saturday morning
On Saturday morning 5 Months, 1 Week ago  
On Saturday morning, I got up early and prepared to search for (s��u) typos. I gave this action a resounding name: "Weeding" action.ut on a clean lady, and when I wash my face, I also wiped some baby cream. HeyI and Shi Yaping just came to the market, they saw that the brand of a store wrote "Is reluctantly" as "clothing." I and Shi Yaping did not dare to go, afraid to be said by the owner of the house (p��). Later, we decided to use scissors, stone Marlboro 100S Cigarettes Free Shipping, cloth to decide, but she slammed (l��i) skin Chicago Cigarettes Prices Cartons, I had to go. I timidly said to the aunt, "Hello, aunt, you wrote 'Is reluctance' as 'clothing and reluctance', and now many pupils always think that the words on the advertising signs are correct, so I wrote a lot of typos, which affected the standardization and accuracy of the words!�� The aunt��s face was red, and he said, ��Is it? I have a low level of education, and I don��t know if I am wrong. I must change it!�� Finished, I also gave me a sorbet.Yaping originally thought that I would ask her to help her "Little Zhuge". But she saw that my eyes were filled with the light of victory, and I knew that I was successful. I walked up to her and deliberately took out the sorbet and said, "Yes - it��s delicious! It��s so sweet! It��s still the result of my labor!�� She said, ��What about that? I can buy it myself. One is bigger than you, and it's delicious!" He walked angrily after he finished.cess made Shi Yaping very unconvinced Dirt Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, so this time she started to be strong! In a short while, she found that an Internet cafe wrote "a deep love" as "a deep love" Buy Expensive Cigarettes Online, only to see her mentally dizzy (d��u) �� (s��u) into it. It was a grandfather who was looking at the store. She said to the old grandfather: "Grandpa, there is a typo on your doorplate. 'To' should be a double, the main character of the master on the right." Grandpa listened. However, I didn��t take it for granted. I also said with conviction: "You are a little kid Marlboro Hard Cigerate, I have eaten more salt than you have ever eaten. I have crossed the bridge more than you have traveled. You still say me here. No, hurry away!" This time, Shi Yaping did not have a face, and finally, I still enlightened her, so that she had another courage.r, we also found many typos. Some people accept it with humility, and some people see that we are children and we are not willing to take care of us. But no matter what, our faces are always filled with smileswadays, the times are progressing, society is developing, and Chinese characters are deteriorating. Should we stop to move forward and think about this grim problem? article specifically describes the beginning and end of the "weeding" action, and the causes, passages, and results of the matter are clearly explained and understood.description is just right, and the character's modality, language, etc. can be presented in a timely manner, making people feel as if they see the scene at the time and form a clear impression topic is well prepared and appealing to people.er, the two examples mentioned in the article should be that the store owner deliberately took the homonym of his own product name. Can't be considered a typo.
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