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Mei language: hard work
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TOPIC: Mei language: hard work
Mei language: hard work 6 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
Another year is the flower bloom, only one person lying in the flowers, Ning Xin reading a variety of flower language.isyrolling in Nanshan, collecting wild chrysanthemums Cigarettes Cheaper, watching the clouds in the sky, is nothing more than a taste. I gradually realized that, in order to fail to reach the top ten one or two times, I was struggling to survive in the sea of ??learning. Why bother? Such as Jin phosphorus swimming in the four seas, such as flying birds and heaven. This is the essence, let go of the chase, you will find how beautiful life is. Chrysanthemum: Frank and natural. Not worthy of poverty, not worthy of wealth. Plum blossoms bloom in the cold wind, passing the fragrance in the snow. Mei - tenacious and tenacious, even in the dripping water into ice, freezing the eight-foot winter, it is still standing in the snow. In the world, no matter where you go, there will be unpleasant things. Once upon a time, I thought about giving up, but the figure of Ao Xuemei will appear in my mind, laughing and frustrating. Mei language: hard work. Jianfeng is grinding out, plum blossoms come from bitter coldotusim lotus, out of the mud, not dyed, I saw its gentleman's heart. Isn't it what we need without being invaded by the world? Lotus, always appears when I am tempted by a variety of life. Lotus language: Clean yourself. A little ink, dyed a brush; one side of the paper, lived a white Xuan; once wrote, leaving a lonely lonely in the ages... ����Inscription ancient sages are lonely, only the drinkers leave their names."August, I walked into the cursive hall of Chengdu Du Fu to follow the footsteps of the former Phoeni cottage is very dark, so dark that people think that the day turns into a dusk. The ground is covered with golden leaves, and the wet ground is printed with the paw prints of many small beasts.mably, the Du Gong Department completed the "three shackles" and "three sings" that adults circulated in this dim grass Parliament Cigarettes. Spring smells charming flowers Marlboro Red, summer listens to the rain, autumn touches the leaves, and winter looks like snow. The alternation of spring, summer, autumn and winter contains a touch of free and easy, but the rest is full of loneliness.se who drank the glass of lonely wine spread their inner loneliness on the snowy rice paper. The spotted ink on the paper, but who is it, can you say it? old man with a painful stomach insisted on this cottage, gasping, and using a pen to draw a lonely outline. When he passed away, his name was the same as his poem, and he was rumored by thousands of people. Music is an art. I think it is the most beautiful of all art Wholesale Cigarettes, because she can touch our soul. When the rising mood is not vented, listening to music, all the troubles are gone, and life becomes beautiful again.ning, often because of too many homework, fatigue, plus exams, it will also bring pressure. Sometimes, because of irritability, I can't help but scream, can't control my emotions, and when I listen to music, people's hearts will slowly calm down. Music is the medicine that allows us to restore our best mood.t know if it's music, or mood, like music! Maybe music and mood are integrated! People and nature are also integrated into one! Music itself is life - life is music.an purify people's minds. People who are immersed in the music world tend to be more open-minded Cheap Cigarettes, with more delicate emotions, more stable emotions, and better understanding of other people's moods. Therefore, it is easier to get along with others. At the same time, they are more likely to feel the joy of life and love life.alm your irritated heart. Music is a friend when you are happy, and music is your partner when you are frustrated.n act as too many characters of truth, goodness and beauty, and its role in life is also indispensable. It is a good way for humans to cultivate sentiment and is a ladder for the spread of civilization. Let the music into everyone's mind, to comprehend the most beautiful truth, and to feel the rhythm of human truth! ! ! !
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