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Book, how simple and ordinary
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TOPIC: Book, how simple and ordinary
Book, how simple and ordinary 8 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
Book, how simple and ordinary eyes! However, it has a very high status in my mind. In the long river of my memory, there is always a "book story" in my mind, and I have a close relationship with the book. Whenever I pick up a book with a book cover Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, I can��t help butwas watching "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms". When I saw Guan Yu's courage to kill the enemy, there was a roar in the ear: "Wang Can, are you behind your ears? Called you three times, you didn't hear it?!" Hearing this voice I "hu" got up and said: "There is murderous, thief, look at my power." I said that I also started to move with my teeth, but when I was against the old lady��s black face. I was still arrogant, and I lost my arrogance. I smiled and said: "Hey! What kind of wind blows you." "Don't give me a hippie smile," said Mom, who was not angry with me. You read a book at home every day, and you don't know how to do some housework for me! Buy a bottle of soy sauce and come back." When I heard it, my heart was angry with the "small bubbabout the contents of the book, so that I was absent-minded. "Oh--", I ran into a wall of meat. I still shouted when I didn't have the person talking: "Is there a problem with vision? Didn't you see Grandpa in front of you? You are still hitting it!" The man was told by me that he had not waited for a response. When I came over, I walked away from him with confidence. Later, when I thought about it, I was shocked. I told a little girl what to say to the uncle, no wonder that the person laughed so strange!e, but I was so anxious. But when I saw an emergency, I began to "want up" the toilet, but I couldn��t let me go. book of. How to do? Finally, I came up with a "good way" to get the best of both worlds. I took the book and went to the toilet to squat, read it with relish, but I forgot the time when I read the book. I didn��t know how long I watched. I suddenly heard my mom shouting outside the door: "Wang Can! You go to the toilet. Is it all right? You haven't come out for an hour?!" After listening to this, I immediately ran out of the book with a flustered look. When I just got out, I was stunned back by my mother like a chicken Cigarettes Cheaper. After I got home, I was criticized for a meal Wholesale Cigarettes. But I don't know whether it is "seeing a book as a life" or "death without repentance Marlboro Cigarettes." Since the discovery of this "good method" Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, the family has frequently staged such a drama.was young. It��s good to have a book companion! I believe that as time goes by, the friendship between me and the book will become deeper and deeper and stronger!
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