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Grandpa retired and suddenly becam
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TOPIC: Grandpa retired and suddenly becam
Grandpa retired and suddenly becam 7 Months, 1 Week ago  
Grandpa retired and suddenly became interested in fishing.e Li, who was next door to the grandfather's class, also likes to fish, and brings back a lot of big fish every weekend Marlboro Cigarettes Online. Therefore, our family proposed: ask Grandpa to "not ashamed to ask" and worship students as teachers. Grandpa can't open his eyes and shake his head again and again.er, Uncle Li personally went to the door: "My teacher, let the students do your teacher again, go fishing with me tomorrow!" Grandpa quickly said: "I just just play around... don't go , don't go!"andpa is not only unwilling to ask Li Shushu humbly, even the minimum fishing gear is not bought. Riding the broken bicycle every day, the car is tied with a long bamboo pole as a fishing rod Wholesale Cigarettes. The bait is rice bran and donkey. We all have no confidence in Grandpa.ndpa is not empty, what small white fish, small wicker, squid, crayfish, etc., there can always be a bowl of "cat fish" dishes. Either it is dried and fried into spicy fish, or wrapped in a dry paste, the scent is really tempting! The children in the neighbors have come together, and Grandpa sends a little to each person, often when he turns himself, but he doesn't. Grandpa licked the oil on his hands and rushed to Grandma and said, "It��s awkward, not too much!" The children, also licking their fingers, shook their heads and learned the tongue: "More than awkward, not much!" Grandma said, "The dead is dead, it is still not big!"e day, Grandpa came back very early and sipped, and asked several children in the yard to eat fish together at night Online Cigarettes. Since the grandfather learned fishing, today is the biggest harvest: one or more than half a catty of squid, you can clear the stew hot pot!dpa and our children had dinner together under the eaves. The faint light reflected a red cheek, the fish was scented in the night, and the childish voice accompanied by Grandpa��s ��naughty��. It became a scene in the yard. The adults in the past can't stand up for a while, and fearing that they are close will destroy this harmony.ware of a small thorn card throat!" Grandpa couldn't help but put the fish in the children Carton Of Newports, so happy. After two or two drinks, he slammed the door: "Children, why is the fish of Grandpa delicious?"our fish is caught in the wild river, authentic green food!"big children rushed to answer, Grandpa turned his head and patted my shoulder. I said: "Grandfather fishing is not only green food, but more importantly, it can be shared with everyone. It has an atmosphere and taste, so it is delicious!" laughed and filled a glass of wine, but there was only half a pot of clear soup on the table Cigarette Online. He exaggeratedly grinned: "More than awkward, not much!" - Grandma springs up like a spring, one down Drop the glass of wine: "Don't drink? The dead is dead, it's not really big!"hildren immediately shook their heads: "It's awkward, not too much!"
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