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TOPIC: The "Sound of Chinese
The "Sound of Chinese 8 Months, 1 Week ago  
The "Sound of Chinese Dream" broadcast on the screen must have been seen by everyone? After each player shows off his talents, the instructors will definitely ask what your dreams are. The players' responses are different and their dreams are bigger or smaller Carton Of Cigarettes. Yes, everyone will have colorful dreams, and different ages will have different dreams. Take me for example. The dream of a child was just to have a beautiful dress like Snow White, or a hearty birthday dinner. After school, my dreams have gradually changed. First, I was eager to bring a red scarf, then I wanted to be an "official", and in the fourth grade, my dream was to enter my favorite upper and middle attach dream is simple Newport Cigarettes Coupons, but the road to realizing the dream is tortuous and hard. In order to be admitted to the upper and middle schools, the fifth year of the whole year, I gave up the weekend to participate in the small five classes. Olympiad is my weakness, and I will rush to make up for the Olympics during that time. In English, I dare not let out the slightest slack and constantly strengthen my oral English. I heard that the questions on the interviews are very broad, and I am competing to read a variety of extracurricular books to broaden my knowledge Marlboro Red. When I stepped into the examination room, my heart was relieved. Regardless of the outcome, I have already gone all out. Isn't that what I am chasing my are the driving force for progress and the wings of success. When I saw my interview number on the admission list on the official website, I felt great joy. Recalling those weekends Cigarette Online, the thick problem sets, the inexhaustible TOPIC... In the face of success, these can only be regarded as a small test for me, and I am proud that I passed the test and achieved success. . Now that I am in a new school, a new environment, naturally I have a new dream. My dream is to apply foreign language expertise to a foreign language. When I grow up, I will be a translator. I will bring the good books of the world to the readers of China, and the journey of dreams will start again a dream Newport Cigarettes, there is a future. Friends, listen to the voice of your own heart, boldly chase your dreams, and achieve your wonderful life!
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